Transfer of Ownership

Transfer of Ownership

This refers to the transfer of property from one hand to another. Transfer of Ownership can be a bit complicated if not handled properly. Securing advice and support from the right professionals can help you get the job done without hassle and waste of efforts and money. Key Link Success works with experts in the buying and selling of a property, exchange of possession of a property or any other land trust device, and assumption of mortgage debt.

Transfer of Ownership of Real Estate Title:

  • Transferring title to a business
  • Transferring the title to a trust
  • Dealing with transfers in death of a co-owner who is on the current deed

Transfer of Ownership for Businesses:

  • Transaction Preparations
  • Attaining preliminary endorsement for share transfer and public advertisement
  • Documentation execution
  • Revising commercial license and activities
  • Long term share purchase agreement
  • Notarization of documents
  • Procuring company assets