Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Key Link Success spares no effort in ensuring the convenience and security of its online resources and communication channels for the sake of its website visitors and users, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

However, it is necessary to note that online communication is not fully secure due to the nature of the internet. Thus, there is no guarantee that any exchange of email messages is free from viruses and other forms of malicious software. Hence, it is only appropriate – out of the responsibility of Key Link Success towards the visitors of its website – to advise caution when opening email messages from unknown sources or ones containing suspicious attachments. Key Link Success’s sole responsibility is restricted to providing safe browsing of its website and service-specific messages contained and sent through it.

Certain functions of some website materials may depend on cookies to gather basic operational data from computers accessing the website for specific enhancements and statistical purposes in order to enhance the services provided through the website. Information collected is confidential and is by no means used for purposes other than those stated hereby. No personal information is collected through cookies nor is that an intention of ours now or in the future. The cookie feature can be turned off at the users' choice. All information is used according to the previously stated purpose and will not be disclosed except to legal authorities in cases of criminal investigations or court orders and their related objectives.


User-specific information (i.e. name, email address) appearing in emails sent to Key Link Success or through e-forms filled and submitted through the website may be stored within website records or Key Link Success databases should the information be service-related and useful for reference when tracking projects or answering email inquiries and interacting with users. However, sending financial information (account/credit card numbers) through emails is strictly discouraged to avoid unauthorized use in case of an email breach.


In order to preserve the company's sensitive informative status, Key Link Success uses advanced data security and protection measures and solutions to safeguard the information contained within its network, and constantly monitor all applications and activities that take place in order to identify and deal with any case of risky, illegal activity as defined by local regulations for such matters.

The rights are reserved for Key Link Success – in case of tracing and identifying violations of destructive or criminal natures – to submit all data related to the incident to the authorities for use in the legal prosecution of the perpetrators.


Key Link Success has the right to apply any change – partial or whole – it considers appropriate and beneficial to public interest without a prior approval from any party. Hence, Key Link Success may or may not notify website users and visitors of such amendments.